We Three

We three bees are:


I’m a member of the ADHD tribe who also experiences loads of anxiety, intermittent depression, and constant Imposter Syndrome. I am, or have been, a writer, poet (why are these always separate?), photographer (almost became a wedding photographer but a hobbyist now), gamer, game designer, and most importantly – dad.

I hope for this trip to be a cathartic odyssey. I’d like to come to terms with some unresolved grief that’s been present for too long, take control of my health again, and overcome the depression that has recently piled onto the aforementioned grief.

Additionally, I’d like to travel somewhere I’ve never been, experience a new culture, and hopefully begin to see the world through a different lens.

For a while, I’ve needed to take some time for myself, but I have been unable to do so until now. As a bonus, I will not only get bonding time with my children, but will hopefully impart to them the things I think are important in life. My hope is that they will gain insights and experiences that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Hur dur dur.


Berka smerka nerk.